A One-to-One Dutch Masters Class in Brixton


It was such a joy to spend a day with Chrysoula teaching her how to make the most of foliage and flowers foraged from her garden. Chrysoula chose to make a huge statement vase to welcome guests to a party her daughter-in-law was hosting that evening. We spent a lovely afternoon chatting about her very interesting life and bonding over a shared love of lichen covered branches! Chrysoula was very kind and sent this generous review following her lesson.

A delayed Christmas Gift!

What an imaginative and wonderful gift from my son Adrian and daughter-in-law Jane!

Jennifer arrived laden with basketfuls of beautiful blooms and greenery promptly at 2.00pm.

Apple blossom, spirea, beach branches, silver birch from her garden in Kent, for the structure, and British grown peonies, ranunculus, tulips, daffodils, sweet-cented stock, snap-dragons, hyacinths, white bluebells and more for the Dutch Master arrangement which she guided me to create. She gently encouraged me to venture into the new territory of asymmetrical design, and wave of flowing whites, yellows and oranges in an abundant display that exuded the freshness of Spring.

Thank you Jennifer!
— Chrysoula Worrall

Please do get in touch if you would like to organise your own one-to-one. I can come to you or you can visit my studio!