The Golden Rock Inn, Nevis - The Caribbean's Answer to The Secret Garden?


Where is the most romantic place you could take a florist/garden lover for dinner? Probably here...

Unfortunately husband can't take full credit. We actually didn't know this was on Nevis until a drunk and rambling man at our hotel bar heard me saying how much I had enjoyed the Botanic Gardens. He told me I should go here and so we jumped in a car straight away so we could see it before the sun set. What an amazing surprise. It is so rare to be able to have a meal in a garden this unique and beautiful (and a couple of watermelon slingers too). Behind it all is a gorgeous backdrop of the sea and sunset.

The lovely new manager showed me around and told me about the owners - a labour of love for New York artists Brice and Helen Marden. It was as soon as I heard that artists were involved that this amazing place started to make more sense - only artists would pour so much effort into a hotel garden rather than seeing it as an unnecessary luxury (and then plugging it with repetitive shrubs). Around every corner a new outlook awaited and the restaurant tables are hidden in all sorts of overgrown and romantic nooks.

Great service and food too.

Thanks drunk and rambling man! Add this to your garden (and restaurant) bucket list right now.

oh and a few from the Nevis Botanical Gardens too...

Where is on your garden bucket list? xx