British Grown Summer Flowers With Dashes of Burgundy (A Day at Green and Gorgeous)


I treated my sister to a day at one of my favourite places in the entire world for her birthday - the flower fields at Green and Gorgeous. It is a bit of a drive (Oxfordshire) but SO worth it. Rachel is an incredible teacher and everyone left with the most bountiful and beautiful hand-tieds. She started with a tour of the amazing fields and then let us loose to pick flowers from her acres of beautiful organic blooms. It is literally paradise - I didn't know where to start - the rows and rows of dahlias (hello cafe au lait galore) or the rows of snapdragons and roses (and everything you can imagine in between). Nothing was out of bounds and I could quite easily have spent all day just visually taking everything in let alone being allowed to get creative! Thank you Rachel and Ash - I will be back as soon as I can!

Jennifer Pinder xx


British Flowers Week - Fleetingly!


Today marks the end of British Flowers Week which has been busy but huge fun! We try to use as much British grown flowers as we can all year (and do offer purely British grown packages for eco conscious couples) but it was great to see so many other companies getting involved to celebrate all the beautiful things our gorgeous gardens and growers have on offer. Just a few bits from me below but more to follow when wedding season calms down! xx