Jay Archer & Friends visit us in Kent

When I heard that Jay Archer was looking for a flowery day out for her and her two main sidekicks (Mand and Mel) I was thrilled to invite her to the Jennifer Pinder studio. After the initial excited high of the dates being confirmed I was hit with a rather big problem... 'What on earth can you do to entertain 3 of the most experienced florists you have ever met?!'

I decided to think outside the box - this wasn't going to be a workshop in the usual sense!

To make the workshop really stand out for the girls I decided to give them TOTAL freedom to create something completely unique. I laid out all of my weird and wonderful props and told them that rather than thinking about colour or seasons the arrangement's focus should be a message. Something important to each of them.

Have you ever tried to channel an emotion while you work? Try it, I often think of my couples when I make bridal bouquets and it is amazing the subtle influence it really can have on my work.

Anyway... to the arrangements. When not influenced by a teacher their own unique styles and background training really came through. Mel teaches floristry and her classic look and attention to detail shines through. Mands just loves nature and wanted to create something playful and interactive - she kept asking for weird and wonderful things so I had no idea what on earth she was planning in her corner of the workshop! Jay is known for her natural and abundant style and for creating showstopper installations. The message behind Jay's arrangement was simple - 'changes for 2017'. Mand madea totally original arrangement for her godchildren - it span around, it contained felted animals hiding under the flowers and fruit to eat! Mel created an arrangement based on childhood memories with her mum in the garden.

In the afternoon I demo'd a bouquet and then the girls made their own. With stunning results of course!

We had lunch at a local pub (the Rock). It was a really fun day of catching up and playing with flowers without any pressure. Matilda also enjoyed being the centre of attention :) I to would like to thank Jay, Mands and Mel for coming to deepest Kent to spend the day with me. Jay has been an inspiring figure in my floristry journey and so it was an honour to host her!

p.s. You can read more about a course I did with Jay here.

Images by Jo Ellen (the good ones! A few are from my phone) x

p.s. Sorry for these pictures of you all grinning but I loved them too much! x

A small proportion of the props...

Thank you so much for coming Jay, Mands & Mel!

Spring 2017: British Flowers are BACK

I am feeling super excited as I have just done my first wedding of the year using all British flowers (piccies to follow) and on Monday we will be doing our first workshop of the year where we can also go all British. Yippee. It is official - Spring is here and gorgeous homegrown stuff is back on the menu.

Instagram keen beans may remember me talking about a neighbour who had recently set up as a grower and so I thought I would post some pics of her amazing progress since January. Yes, all this has been set up since JANUARY. I failed to take a picture of her polytunnel but will do on my next trip. I thought it would be helpful to share these pics because I am getting more and more into growing and Turissa's set up is so spot on. It is really encouraging to see someone making something from scratch and so I will keep you updated on her progress. Follow her on instagram here.

These beds all have labels of what is due to arrive soon - I can't wait!

These beds all have labels of what is due to arrive soon - I can't wait!

 Flowers from Kent florist Jennifer Pinder Floral Styling
 Flowers from Kent florist Jennifer Pinder Floral Styling
Ahh Dahlia corner... To be continued

Ahh Dahlia corner... To be continued

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I will post an 'after' pic when the sweet pea wall is in bloom. Be still my beating heart!

I will post an 'after' pic when the sweet pea wall is in bloom. Be still my beating heart!

In other British flower news... The Wood anenomes are out in all their glory at the moment. I went on a little photography expedition to a wood packed with them. So, so beautiful.

Wood anenome by kent wedding flowers florist Jennifer Pinder
Wood anenomes in Kent by wedding florist Jennifer Pinder
wood anenomes by Kent florist Jennifer Pinder
Wild primroses in Kent by florist Jennifer Pinder

One to One with Faith (a faith a faith)

It was such a huge pleasure to welcome Faith of 'Finishing Touches by Faith Gurel' to the studio for a one-to-one. Faith is based in Essex and an absolute superstar florist. Get in touch with her if you are getting married in her neck of the woods and want the best of the best!

 We had some lovely stuff to work with and Faith created a beautiful springy urn and a really flower heavy and wild bouquet. In the afternoon we created a larger installation - a hanging chandelier which I somehow wrestled into a tree for Jo to photograph! The workshop was in early March meaning there wasn't a huge amount of British flowers about but I was thrilled to get my hands on some homegrown tulips, narcissi and hellebores. One of the perks of being first through the door at the market and over to Pratley's!

Other than the flowers, it was genuinely just so fab having someone to chat to for a whole day and to get to know Faith properly. We had so much fun exchanging wedding tales, flowery gossip and comparing notes on our businesses. Faith is so warm and generous and gave such great advice about managing a business alongside a family. All of her friends and family are so lucky to have her on their team - as I am sure they are aware! Also, she spoiled Matilda and so is welcome back any time.

All pics by my favourite Jo Ellen, who lives just round the corner! Follow her here. xx

One to One workshop with Jennifer Pinder Floral Styling Kent wedding flowers florist
One to one workshop at Jennifer Pinder Floral Stlying a Kent wedding florist-9.jpg
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder
one to one floristry lesson Kent with Jennifer Pinder

British Grown Summer Flowers With Dashes of Burgundy (A Day at Green and Gorgeous)


I treated my sister to a day at one of my favourite places in the entire world for her birthday - the flower fields at Green and Gorgeous. It is a bit of a drive (Oxfordshire) but SO worth it. Rachel is an incredible teacher and everyone left with the most bountiful and beautiful hand-tieds. She started with a tour of the amazing fields and then let us loose to pick flowers from her acres of beautiful organic blooms. It is literally paradise - I didn't know where to start - the rows and rows of dahlias (hello cafe au lait galore) or the rows of snapdragons and roses (and everything you can imagine in between). Nothing was out of bounds and I could quite easily have spent all day just visually taking everything in let alone being allowed to get creative! Thank you Rachel and Ash - I will be back as soon as I can!

Jennifer Pinder xx


Pastel Flowers for an Intimate Wedding at the Langham


Rob and Indri do the legal bit at the Langham Hotel in London...

It was a huge honour to do the flowers for two friends from my Oxford days (uni friends please note that I also want a Pembroke wedding actually on location one day peeps). The pair were both totally relaxed and just wanted something a bit special for their family who couldn't make it to the big do in Indonesia. Inge opted for pastel colours and I used eucalyptus to compliment this palette. We kept everything fresh and light and used colours that worked with the pinks and lilacs in the beautiful Langham. It was also a lovely surprise to bump into the hugely talented Asma and chat as she set up the gorgeous cake. Congratulations Indri and Rob - love to both of you! xx