What to Do With Dried Flowers From Wedding

Discover the enchanting possibilities awaiting you as you breathe new life into dried flowers from your wedding. Embrace the art of preservation and let these delicate blooms become cherished mementos. From pressed flower masterpieces to fragrant potpourri blends, explore creative ways to infuse your memories with beauty and meaning. Transform your home decor, craft personalized jewelry, or indulge in luxurious bath products—all using the timeless elegance of dried flowers.

Preserving Memories Through Dried Flowers

You can preserve memories through dried flowers by pressing and framing them in a shadow box. Flower shadowboxes make beautiful displays, capturing the essence of special occasions like weddings. Imagine a delicate rose or vibrant daisy frozen in time, adorning your walls as a reminder of that magical day. Additionally, you could create charming flower bookmarks by carefully laminating pressed petals between sheets of transparent paper. These floral bookmarks not only add a touch of nature to your reading adventures but also hold sentimental value. Every time you open your favorite book, those dried blossoms will bring back cherished moments from your wedding day or any other significant event.

Crafting Beautiful Pressed Flower Art

Crafting stunning pressed flower art can be a relaxing and creative way to preserve special memories. You can create beautiful floral bookmarks by carefully pressing delicate petals between the pages of a heavy book. For a functional and decorative touch, consider making pressed flower coasters by arranging dried blooms on ceramic tiles and sealing them with resin. Elevate your home decor with botanical wall art crafted from an assortment of pressed flowers arranged in intricate designs. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, try making flower petal bookmarks using colorful dried petals laminated between sheets of clear contact paper. And for a trendy twist, personalize your tech accessories with DIY dried flower phone cases that showcase your favorite blossoms in a stylish way.

Creating Personalized Resin Jewelry

When making resin jewelry, it’s important to carefully select the elements you want to encase in the resin for a unique and personalized touch. Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity:

  1. Resin necklace: Embed delicate dried flowers from your special occasion for a stunning statement piece that captures memories.
  2. Flower earrings: Preserve tiny blooms in resin to wear as beautiful earrings, keeping nature close to you at all times.
  3. Custom bracelet: Design a one-of-a-kind bracelet with personalized charms or dried flowers that hold sentimental value.
  4. Dried flower ring: Create an elegant ring encapsulating the beauty of dried flowers, symbolizing everlasting love and beauty.

Let your imagination run wild as you craft these pieces of art into wearable treasures!

Designing Fragrant Potpourri Blends

Explore various aromatic elements such as herbs, spices, and essential oils to create unique potpourri blends that fill your space with delightful scents. Making homemade potpourri is a creative way to repurpose dried flowers from a wedding into fragrant gifts or decorative jars. You can experiment with different combinations of scents to develop aromatic blends that suit your preferences. Consider crafting scented sachets filled with your custom potpourri mix to place in closets or drawers for a refreshing aroma. Below is a simple table showing some ingredients you can use in your homemade potpourri:


Have fun creating personalized scents for your home!

Making DIY Dried Flower Candles

Creating your own aromatic candles with dried flowers is a fun way to add a personal touch to your home decor. It’s a creative and rewarding activity that allows you to customize scents and designs to suit your style. Here are some reasons why making DIY dried flower candles can be a fulfilling experience:

  1. Candle making: Enjoy the therapeutic process of melting wax and blending fragrances.
  2. Floral arrangements: Showcase the beauty of dried flowers in a new and unique way.
  3. Home fragrance: Fill your space with delightful scents that evoke memories and create a cozy atmosphere.
  4. DIY gifts: Share handmade candles as thoughtful presents for loved ones.

Transforming dried flowers into candles not only brings natural decor into your home but also provides an opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

Enhancing Home Decor With Dried Flower Wreaths

Enhancing your home decor with dried flower wreaths can bring a touch of natural beauty and charm to any room. A floral centerpiece crafted from dried blooms adds a rustic bouquet vibe that exudes vintage charm. Embracing the boho chic trend, these wreaths offer a unique way to infuse your space with natural elegance. Hang them on doors or walls, or even lay them flat as table centerpieces for a whimsical touch. The versatility of dried flower wreaths allows you to experiment with different placements and styles, making them an ideal choice for adding a cozy feel to your living space. So go ahead, elevate your home ambiance with these delightful creations!

Crafting Unique Dried Flower Ornaments

Crafting your own unique ornaments with dried flower wreaths can add a personal touch to your home decor. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you:

  1. Flower Crown: Transform dried flowers into a stunning floral crown for a bohemian touch during special occasions.
  2. Shadow Box: Preserve the beauty of your dried blooms in a shadow box display, creating a timeless piece of art.
  3. Picture Frame: Adorn picture frames with pressed flowers for a whimsical and romantic feel in any room.
  4. Bookmark Collection: Make delicate bookmarks using dried petals, bringing a touch of nature to your reading experience.
  5. Mobile Decor: Create an elegant mobile using suspended dried flowers, adding charm and tranquility to any space.

Using Dried Flowers in Bath and Beauty Products

Using dried flower petals in bath and beauty products can infuse a natural fragrance and botanical benefits into your skincare routine. Floral skincare has gained popularity for its soothing and rejuvenating properties. Incorporating flower infused oils or petals into your daily beauty regimen can nourish your skin with vitamins and antioxidants, promoting a healthy glow. Aromatherapy baths with dried flowers like lavender or rose petals offer relaxation and stress relief. Natural beauty products with floral ingredients are gentle on the skin, making them suitable for sensitive individuals. Treat yourself to luxurious petal bath bombs that fizz and release fragrant essential oils, creating a spa-like experience at home. Embrace the power of flowers in enhancing your self-care routine today!


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