Who Gets Flowers at a Wedding

Did you know that the average wedding has over 100 attendees? Ever wondered who gets flowers at a wedding? From your immediate family to the bridal party and even reception guests, flowers play a significant role in adding beauty and elegance to the celebration. Let’s explore the different roles and individuals who receive these floral tokens of love and joy on such a special day.

Immediate Family

You’ll want to make sure that your immediate family members receive flowers at the wedding. Your parents, who have supported you through thick and thin, definitely deserve a beautiful bouquet. Don’t forget about your siblings; they’ve been there for you since day one and will cherish this gesture. Grandparents hold a special place in your heart, so honoring them with flowers would mean the world to them. Aunts and uncles play significant roles in your life too, so showing appreciation by presenting them with lovely blooms is a thoughtful touch. Including these important people in your floral arrangements will not only make them feel valued but also add an extra touch of love to your special day.

Bridal Party

The bridal party typically receives special gifts to thank them for their support and participation. When it comes to showing appreciation for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are various thoughtful tokens you can consider:

  • Personalized bridal accessories like monogrammed jewelry or custom clutch bags
  • A spa day or a relaxing massage session as a pre-wedding treat
  • Gift cards for their favorite stores or experiences
  • Matching robes or pajama sets to wear while getting ready on the wedding day
  • Engraved keepsakes such as picture frames or glassware to commemorate the special occasion

These gestures not only express gratitude but also add an extra touch of love to your wedding planning process and celebration.


Planning to thank your groomsmen with personalized gifts can make them feel appreciated and valued for their support. When considering groomsmen attire, ensure they match the overall theme and color scheme of your wedding to create a cohesive look. Groomsmen gifts are a thoughtful gesture to show gratitude for their involvement in your special day. From engraved flasks to custom cufflinks, there are plenty of options to suit each groomsman’s taste. Communicate groomsmen responsibilities clearly so they know what is expected of them during the ceremony and reception. Encourage heartfelt groomsmen speeches that add a personal touch to the celebrations. Don’t forget to capture timeless memories with group photos that showcase the bond between you and your closest friends on this momentous occasion.


Make sure your bridesmaids feel appreciated by selecting dresses that flatter their individual styles and preferences, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bridal party. When it comes to bridesmaid duties, keep in mind these essential aspects:

  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Choose designs that suit each bridesmaid’s body type and style.
  • Bridal Bouquet: Consider coordinating the bouquet colors with the bridesmaids’ dresses for a cohesive look.
  • Bridesmaid Gifts: Show your gratitude with thoughtful gifts that reflect their personalities.
  • Bridesmaid Duties: Communicate clearly about responsibilities and offer support throughout the planning process.
  • Bridesmaid Speeches: Encourage heartfelt speeches that celebrate your bond and special moments shared together.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Ensure that your flower girls and ring bearers feel included in the celebration by involving them in special tasks that make them feel like an essential part of your big day. Flower girls’ responsibilities include scattering petals, holding a bouquet, or walking down the aisle with grace. Consider cute ring bearers’ attire to match the wedding theme and style. For adorable flower girl hairstyles, opt for sweet braids, floral crowns, or elegant updos. Show appreciation with thoughtful ring bearer gifts like personalized items or toys they’ll enjoy. Prioritize flower girl training to ensure they understand their role and feel confident on the wedding day. By involving them in these aspects, you create lasting memories for everyone involved.

Officiant and Ceremony Participants

Don’t forget to collaborate with your officiant and ceremony participants to personalize the wedding script and create a meaningful ceremony for you and your guests. When planning your big day, consider these key points:

  • Officiant Recognition: Acknowledge the important role of your officiant in guiding you through your vows.
  • Ceremony Participants: Remember to honor all those participating in your ceremony, such as readers or performers.
  • Special Acknowledgment: Consider giving a special thank you or recognition during the ceremony.
  • Wedding Roles: Clearly define the roles of each participant to ensure a smooth and coordinated event.
  • Symbolic Gestures: Incorporate meaningful symbolic gestures that reflect your love story into the ceremony for an unforgettable moment.

Reception Décor and Additional Guests

Collaborate with the event planner to discuss the reception décor and seating arrangements for additional guests. When planning guest seating, consider a mix of round tables and long banquet-style tables to accommodate varying group sizes. Incorporate elegant table centerpieces that match the floral arrangements throughout the venue. Ensure the color scheme of the decorations complements the overall theme of your wedding. For floral arrangements, opt for beautiful blooms that enhance the ambiance without overwhelming the space. Venue decorations should reflect your style and personality while creating a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. By paying attention to these details, you’ll create a cohesive look that wows your guests and makes your reception truly memorable.


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